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About Me

About Me

Chris Strimbu is an award-winning creative leader with over 18 years of experience in the design industry. With a focus on everything digital, he’s led creative for companies that include the Los Angeles Times, Tribune Publishing, Yahoo! News, Break Media, and Modern Luxury Media. He’s responsible for the design and strategy behind the recent relaunch of the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune websites, the rollout of digital apps for Tribune Publishing on both iOS and Android, and streamlining the registration and subscription process for the Los Angeles Times, Sun Sentinel, and Orlando Sentinel. Using a combination of UX, Design and research, Chris is always advocating for the user, while supporting and driving business goals.

Portfolio A Collection of recent work

Apple Watch Launch

Creative Strategy

To help enhance the iOS app experience available in our 8 markets, we worked to have an application available the day the Apple Watch hit stores. The watch introduced a new way of thinking, and our team had to quickly iterate designs based on a tiny interface with basic features. Working as an extension to the parent iOS app, the watch adds functionality by allowing users quick access to breaking headlines, the ability to save to their device for reading later, along with the option to read the article if connected to headphones or a bluetooth device. Read about it in Ad Age.

Relaunch of Tribune Publishing Sites

UX Lead/Creative Strategy/Visual Design

The suite of sites that make up Tribune Publishing were in dire need of an update after several years of neglect. Pages were bloated, hard to read and there was no clear focus for users. Chris vetted design partners and joined forces with the creative agency Code and Theory because of their aesthetic and experience with responsive design. Chris was responsible for leading the internal UX and design team that launched the new site, while quickly launching the remaining list of sites in quick succession. See the new LA Times.

Tribune Publishing News Apps

UX Lead/Creative Strategy

While launching the new sites for Tribune, it was clear that we needed a solid strategy for connecting the digital family that represented the brand. Working with the digital product team, Chris helped formulate a clear vision for an updated user experience. He lead the creative team — driving the UX and visual design — to create something truly unique. With features that include saving content for reading later, following topics, and changing the layout based on orientation, the app helped expand the reach of its journalism. The team is constantly iterating, adding new features and functionality to stay ahead of the curve. Take a tour of the app's features.

Enhanced Registration/Subscription Funnel

Initial Concept/UX/Creative/Strategy

With the publishing industy moving to a mostly digital existence, the traditional subscription model has to be adapted for a number of different platforms. Recognizing the need for a simplified and streamlined approach, Chris revamped the existing online subscription model and introduced a user-friendly interface that was intuitive, simple to follow, and responsive to the user's behavior. His concept eases the user into registration, then prompts them to subscribe after interacting with additional content.

Break Media Video Ad Trends

Art Direction/Design

Break Media is an industry leader that knows a lot about their audience. As a service to like-minded media pros, the company puts out a yearly study highlighting trends that influence their business. Chris took the annual data from 2012 and visualized the information in an intuitive, easily read layout that was printed and shared with industry leaders. He was responsible for the overall concept, layout and design.

Microsoft Mobile Guru

Visual Design

When Microsoft needed to bring the concept of their online store to a mobile experience, Chris helped strategize and design the look and feel of their 'Mobile Guru'. The mobile-friendly site allowed users to learn about a number of Microsoft products and point them to local retailers — even leading them to the exact aisle and shelf of their in-stock item. He aligned the designs to stay on brand and clearly communicate the cohesiveness of Microsoft's digital presence.

BlackBerry/RIM Mobile Site

Visual Design

To help BlackBerry compete in an ever-changing smartphone world, Chris helped launch an updated experience to help adapt their brand and expand their mobile reach. Working closely with the client, he delivered a site that was true to the legacy BlackBerry had built, while appealing to a growing audience.


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